” I have known and watched this Chorus since it’s humble inception. The Chorus is a beacon of hope and acceptance to all of us that have ever felt like we are alone and misunderstood and just “out of place” with the rest of the world. My heart rejoices everytime I get a chance to see them perform or simply get a chance to be in their space. ”

” TCLA is my family. I have never felt so loved and accepted. We hope to continue to spread our love, affirmation, and acceptance to *all* corners of our community and the rest of the world! ”

” You all make me happy. Thank you for helping me live my dreams of being in a show choir and making me feel empowered. ”

Sing or volunteer with TCLA!

Rehearsals are from 4:30pm to 7:30pm on Sundays at the GMCLA Offices

8920 W. Sunset Blvd. Suite 200B
West Hollywood, CA 90069 (map)

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