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The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles is a group of Transgender, Non-Binary, Intersex, Gender-Non-Conforming and Gender-Fluid individuals who perform regularly at events throughout Southern California all year long. We also have Cisgender volunteers helping the group in other capacities (Such as Photography, Audio Engineering, Setup / Tear-Down, and more). We also regularly get involved in community outreach and have a weekly potluck and rehearsals on Sundays.

We hold open annual auditions for new singers & musicians that wish to perform with us. But we have need of all sorts of volunteers, be it from Audio Engineering, to Photography, to Public Relations Management, even people who simply want to help setup and tear down equipment at performances or help serve food at our weekly potlucks are welcome.

While we do limit our performers to those who identify as Transgender, Non-Binary, Intersex, Gender-Non-Conforming or Gender-Fluid in some capacity, we’re happy to have Cisgender volunteers in other capacities.

What kind of volunteers are we looking for?

  • Trans, Non-Binary, Intersex, GNC & Gender-Fluid vocalists
  • Trans, Non-Binary, Intersex, GNC & Gender-Fluid musicians
  • People with Audio Engineering experience
  • People with Public Relations experience
  • People with Photography experience
  • People able to help setup & tear-down at performances
  • People able to help serve food at our weekly potlucks / rehearsals

What kind of musical or stage experience is expected?

TCLA performers should have: Some choral, show choir or musical theater experience, whether from having sung in a church, school or community group.
● Match Pitch which is singing back immediately what is heard.
● The ability to learn text in other languages and memorize music for performances.
● The ability to move rhythmically.
● The desire and commitment to perform a wide variety of music and have fun.

What kind of time commitment does TCLA require?

● Our Fifth season is about to begin with a wide array of performances.
● Singers are expected to commit to our weekly rehearsal and performance schedule for a minimum of one year. Attendance at rehearsals are mandatory in order to perform with the current roster of singers.
● TCLA is looking for dedicated Singers to vocal ambassadors to represent the Trans Community at large.

What would be my financial obligations?

● All TCLA members currently pay an annual membership investment of ($15 a month) to help cover membership related activities. Other costs that members can expect are travel to and from rehearsals, parking at performance spaces, concert attire, touring, retreats and social events. Social events are optional.

What other responsibilities and activities will I have?

● Performers are expected to fulfill TCLA’s mission, vision and core values and strive for excellence in performance. Therefore, the ability to rehearse and learn your music in a timely manner is really important. Punctuality and preparation are expected. TCLA requires that each singer provide their own concert attire. For many performances, this will be our concert Tee-shirt with black pants/skirt or in the colors of the Trans flag (pink, blue or white) and on some occasions we will wear classy, elegant, all black outfit with black shoes. Costumes will be required for the stage shows and help will be given to provide them.
● As performers, you will be asked to volunteer your talents, skills, for organizational events and fundraisers.

5th Section is great place for non-singers that want to help!

A vital and necessary part of the chorus; 5th Section is made up of non-singing members of the chorus that contribute in other ways. This can range from running the Sound Board at an event, to acting as Chorus Photographer. Even helping with Data Archiving or Social Media can be of great help. 5th section are the behind the scenes members that make this chorus work!

Here's a sampling of the sort of tasks our 5th Section members take on:
● Sound Engineering, Lights & Stage Management
● Social Media Management
● Photography, Videography
● Instrumentalist, Composers
● Chorus administrative functions
● Library Archives & Music Distribution
● Minding the Green Room & Chorus members items
● Serving and cleanup of food at weekly potluck rehearsals

Apply To Join

If you would like to volunteer with TCLA please fill out the form below and keep an eye out on social media for the next time we have open rehearsals, no matter how you want to contribute.